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The division of decimals, like multiplying decimals, can be tricky. Again, less can be more and more less with dividing decimals. The other important precaution is that the placement of the decimal point's rules are different in different cases.

Here is a simple example:

Division of tenths animation


Four Tenths divided by



Two or into two groups of



Two tenths

In this case, the quotient or answer has the same number of decimal places as the dividend or the number that is being divided up.


Division tenths hundredths animation


Four tenths or forty hundredths divided by


Two hundredths or into groups of two hundredths equals



Twenty groups of two hundredths.


In the example above, the four tenths is divided into groups of two hundredths. There are twenty groups of two hundredths in four tenths, which can also be called forty hundredths. In order to do this as a straight division problem, one needs to move the decimal point in the divisor to the right two places and then to the same to the dividend before dividing. Then the answer comes out correctly.

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