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Money And Decimals


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Our money or monetary system is based on the decimal system of ones, tens, hundreds, etc. on the whole number or left side of the decimal point and tenths and hundredths on the right or decimal side.

Take a look at the chart below to see the representation of money for decimals:

$100 animation



$10 animation



Dollar animation



Dime animation



Penny animation



CHALLENGE: Here is another way of looking at money and decimal place value - the possibilities of expressing numbers is infinite - can you think of more ways?.

$100 animation $100.00

One hundred or
Ten tens or
A hundred ones or
A thousand dimes (tenths of one) or
Ten thousand pennies (hundredths of one)

$10 animation $10.00 A tenth of a hundred or
One ten or
Ten ones or
One hundred dimes (tenths of one) or
One thousand pennies (hundredths of one)
dollar animation $1.00 One hundredth of one hundred or
One tenth of ten or
One one or
Ten dimes (tenths of one) or
One hundred pennies (hundreths of one)
Dime animation $.10 One thousandth of one hundred or
One hundredth of ten or
One tenth of one or
One dime (tenth of one) or
Ten pennies (hundredths of one)
Penny animation $.01

Ten thousandth of one hundred or
One thousandth of ten or
One hundredth of one or
One tenth of a dime (tenths of one) or
One hundredth of one hundredth (hundredth of one)


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