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Irregular Verb

When you are done, try the Irregular Verbs Quiz

Irregular verbs are verbs that have irregular past and/or past participle forms. Some of these verbs such as to be, to do and to have are the most commonly used in English. They are used as main verbs and also as helping or auxillary verbs.

There are a number of irregular verbs. The page Irregular Verbs List has the most common irregular verbs and their forms.

The table below gives examples of the verb forms of to be, to do and to have with the verbs in italics.


Examples of the verbs forms for to be, to do and to have
  To Be To Do To Have
Present I am thirsty.
You are thirsty.
He/She/It is thirsty.
We are thirsty.
They are thirsty.
I do fish.
You do fish.
He/She/It does fish.
We do fish.
They do fish.
I have some pizza.
You have some pizza.
He/She/It has some pizza.
We have some pizza.
They have some pizza.
Past I was thirsty.
You were thirsty.
He/She/It was thirsty.
We were thirsty.
They were thirsty.
I did fish.
You did fish.
He/She/It did fish.
We did fish.
They did fish.
I had some pizza.
You had some pizza.
He/She/It had some pizza.
We had some pizza.
They had some pizza.
Past Participle I have been thirsty.
You have been thirsty.
He/She/It has been thirsty.
We have been thirsty.
They have been thirsty.
I have done fishing.
You have done fishing.
He/She/It has done fishing.
We have done fishing.
They have done fishing.
I have had some pizza.
You have had some pizza.
He/She/It has had some pizza.
We have had some pizza.
They have had some pizza.



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