RCIL PR Committee Minutes
September 17, 2023

Present: Brenda Paine Davis, Jean Penner, Todd Eggert, Nancy Salzer, Cathy Alfieri

Brenda Paine Davis Introduction - Brenda noted that she had rejoined RCIL last week in her new capacity as head of fundraising and was getting acclimated. She will be attending a one day conference in Rochester and a week long conference in North Carolina put on by Indiana University. There will be an article about Brenda in the newsletter and she will be writing up an press release about her new position to be distributed to the local media.

PR Committee Budget - Todd has been working on finalizing the budget for this year and has allocated $5575 to the PR efforts for RCIL. Events are to be self-funded in the main, monies from the budget allocation used as a fall back. This budget will help with fees for participation in fairs, festivals, advertising, and other expenses that the PR department might incur. Jean Penner will monitor this amount so the committee and department are apprised regularly on how much money is available for use with PR events.

T-Shirt Fundraiser - So far 66 T-shirts have been sold and the money for the seed money reimbursed. The committee discussed the next steps to be taken. It was proposed that 10 XXXL, 25 XXL and 25 XL T-shirts be proposed to be ordered as well as 50 backpacks and 50 tote bags. Since the original blue background color of the shirts is not available, burgundy was suggested for the next order for the background color.
It was noted that it would be good to have this order done soon because RCIL is committed to Senator Alesi's health fair and has the opportunity to attend several events sponsored by deaf groups in the community. It was proposed also that order forms be included in the newsletter. It was also noted that RCIL buttons have run out and need to be ordered.
This proposal was taken to the Board of Directors at the September 17th meeting. The board expressed concern about the number of bags proposed to be ordered and had questions about the sizes of the bags. In addition, it was noted that young people who are apt to use backpacks are very brand conscious and may not be attracted to the backpacks.
Tote bags are often given at conferences, etc.. It was proposed that the profits from the current T-shirts be used to fund a scaled back effort with the large sized T-shirts be ordered and perhaps long sleeve T-shirts to accomodate the colder months ahead.
The board also suggested more visual signage and "hooks" to attract people at the fairs/festivals to learn more about RCIL.

Celebrate Rochester - Todd has an appointment on October 1st to record a public service announcement on behalf of RCIL for WROC 950 radio.
The RCIL newsletter will be coming out soon.