PR Committee Minutes
August 20, 2023 = 3:30

Present: Jean Penner, Todd Eggert, Jim Leary, Sherry Shaw, Cathy Alfieri, Lisa Hoffman

ADA Picnic Wrap-Up
The committee reviewed the positive aspects and opportunities to
improve for the next picnic.
Opportunities to improve:
Either locate the picnic closer to more accessible bathrooms or work with Peg Pepe-O'Brien to ensure that suitable portable bathroom facilities are at hand for the picnic.
Make sure there are accessible tables for those in wheelchairs and see if any could be located within the pavilion so that those in wheelchairs are not segregated and can have the opportunity for shade while eating.
Have on hand the adaptive wheelchairs with large tires so that guests who would like to be more mobile on the sand could do so.
Be in touch ahead of time with the park and county to make sure as many available accessible items and park staff to assist are there at the picnic.
The drop off place for Lift Line is located far from this pavilion and some guests had difficulty navigating to the site. A different location and/or better signage wherever the picnic is located should be considered.
Identifying tags for honorees, personal assistants, interpreters, and any other personnel with special roles would be helpful.
Make the honors ceremony more formal and refined.
Be more specific on the invitation about the exact times for the awards, the time of the lunch and about making donations to defray costs. Some guests arrived later and more food had to be obtained for them. The mayor came later and many had left.
Have a special designated donations box that could be used for many events with signage to encourage donations.
The empty soda cans that YELL was collecting were taken by a guest - an announcement should be made that this is also a fundraising aspect.
Consider having carnival type games for entertainment and fundraising.
There was a discussion whether this park is the best location for the ADA Picnic. It was tentatively decided for the time being that this location, with some improvements, is probably the best venue for the picnic.
Positive aspects of the ADA Picnic:
There was much positive feedback about the event and it appears a very good time was had by all.
RCIL got good media coverage with a television news spot by Channel 8 and several print media items.
The T-shirt fundraising effort had a great launch and many were sold. The T-shirts were a focus of the television spot.
RCIL picked up 8 new memberships and some donations. The 50/50 raffle raised more money and the winner kindly donated back to RCIL the winnings.
There was a good esprit de corps among staff and guests to help out in many capacities.
Soda and ice cream were donated for the event.
There was great attendance by staff who once again have demonstrated their enthusiasm and commitment to RCIL.
It was proposed that the site of the picnic be booked early and that the event be held on Saturday, July 24, 2004.

T-shirt fundraising
The T-shirts have had a terrific launch. Many were purchased at the ADA picnic and although RCIL could not sell the shirts at the Park Avenue Festival, there was a great deal of interest and excitement about the shirts, most especially the design with the Braille element.
Ideas for future fundraisers were considered, including tote bags or backpacks. The difficulty of managing tote bags for those in wheelchairs was discussed. The costs of different bags will be looked into again for possible future fundraising.
We have run out of the unique RCIL badges with the Braille lettering - these need to be replenished. There are few RCIL caps left.
At this point approximately half the T-shirts have been sold and the loan approved by the BOD to cover the T-shirt production costs has been covered.
The possibility of holiday cards was discussed for a fundraiser for the holiday season.

"Celebrate Rochester"
"Celebrate Rochester" is a regular radio spot in which various community groups and businesses tape a 30 second spot about positive aspects of Rochester and how they relate to the particular organization. These are played on a regular basis on 950 AM and are a way to get out the word about RCIL and its mission.
Todd Eggert wrote a great script for this spot for RCIL and hopefully this will be on the air at some point.
Once again, the great amount of activity in the PR area is due to many people's efforts. Several who have been doing a particularly noteworthy job among others are Jean Penner who has been the main force on the ADA picnic and whose artistic vision has resulted in the great T-shirts and Jim Leary who has donated countless hours, expertise and enthusiasm to the T-shirt fundraiser and other efforts.

It was suggested that a section on items that could be donated be added to the newsletter. This could be actual items or a gift of money to purchase a specific item or service. This has been done be other organizations and by schools to give donors a sense of purpose to donations so they know exactly where their donation is going. It also gives another opportunity in the subsequent newsletter to express public appreciation for such donations and to note this at the website as well.