RCIL PR Committee Minutes
April 23, 2023 - 3:30 PM
Present: Todd Eggert, Jean Penner, Sherry Shaw, Cathy AlfieriRCIL Awards Banquet Status Report Items:
Andy Imparato Arrangements - Andy's plane and hotel arrangements have been made. Todd Eggert and Curtis Paine will pick him up at the airport and Sherry Shaw will be at the Crowne Plaza to meet him, depending on his preference.
Cathy will contact Andy to find out.
Emcess - Doug Emblidge of WOKR-TV will emcee.
Crowne Plaza arrangements - (tables, parking, etc.) = The parking will be adjusted for handicapped parking as reservations are sorted if this is necessary. There will be round tables of eight. The head table will be Andy Imparato, Doug Embllidge, Todd and his wife, Mary Wilson, Cathy Alfieri, Sherry Shaw, Nancy Salzer. There will be cards printed with people's menu choices. The Crowne Plaza will provide the house flowers for the tables.
Honorees - Advocate, Consumer are secret until the banquet.
Access - Xerox - Cathy has contacted and they will be possibly bringing others.
Mary Humphreys - Cathy has contacted and she is honored to attend,
Messenger Post - Cathy has contacted Dan Hall, an editor who is coming.
CP organization - Jean Penner has contacted,
First Unitarian Church - Nancy Salzer has contacted.,
Wegmans - Todd has contacted and Cathy will follow up with Jo Natale at Corporate offices, Morse Lumber = Todd has contacted and Cathy will follow up,
Volunteers - Jean will contact.
Head count for banquet thus far:
As of this date 48 confirmed reservations in. More to follow.
Letter to honorees: - Todd will write the letter - committee should get him the names and addresses.
Plaques and certificates - Jean has ordered the plaques and frames and will create the certificates.
Program; - Jean will put the program together and will have her volunteers compile the programs.
Cake - Jean will order, Cathy and Jean will contribute.
Press release - Cathy will call the Democrat and Chronicle and WOKR-TV for PR.
Donations - Still accepting donations.
Half and Half - This was suggested at the Board meeting that we do this at the dinner as a fundraiser.
Thanks to all for your tremendous efforts.