RCIL PR Committee Minutes - October 16th

Present: Todd Eggert, C. Jean Penner, Nancy Salzer, Cathy Alfieri

Awards Banquet:
Three different locations were discussed as potential sites for the annual awards banquet. Contacts will be made with each to determine the best venue for this event for the RCIL community.
A number of speakers were proposed. Cathy will be looking into the possibility of having Greg Smith of "On a Roll" radio come to do a radio cast on a local station and then later keynote the dinner.
The committee is looking to schedule the event in April or May. Grants/Foundations
An ongoing agenda item for the committee will be the seeking of any foundation or grant money to further the mission of the RCIL. Todd mentioned a state grant whose purpose is to promote the transition of nursing home residents to community living.
He also is considering a grant to establish a downtown drop-in center for RCIL from the Rochester Area Community Foundation.
The Golisano Foundation was mentioned as a potential grant source.
Cathy mentioned the grant opportunities from the Women's Foundation of Genesee Valley and the Junior League. CJ noted that a small group of young girls is getting organized at RCIL and perhaps these grants could benefit activities for the group. Cable access channel broadcasts by RCIL

At the September meeting it was proposed that RCIL look into the possibility of producing cable access shows on various aspects of disability for the community on Channel 15 (Cable access channel for the city of Rochester). Jean contacted WXXI as it was thought that there might be assistance on technical production from there which there seems not to be at this time. It was noted that Deb Anderson has contacts with the Channel 15 cable access station and this will be investigated further as well as the possibility of engaging the services of student interns from local colleges to assist with the telecasts.

Newsletter new look
Jean presented a mockup of the front page of the next RCIL newsletter with the new title "Leading On". This change has been made to better reflect the mission of RCIL and the memory of Justin Dart who coined this motto.

The PR Committee welcomes any input as to its activities. If you have information or wish to be included on the agenda, please e-mail Cathy Alfieri or Mary Wilson.