RCIL PR Committee Minutes
November 19, 2023

Present: Todd Eggert, Jean Penner, Mary Wilson, Brenda Davis, Jim Leary, Barb Forgione, Tom O'Rourke, Cathy Alfieri

Fundraising Conference - Brenda DavisBrenda Davis attended a conference put on by the school for philanthropy from Indiana University in Charlotte, North Carolina.
She found the workshop extremely valuable and came back with a large notebook of information and ideas. She emphasized the many steps that must take place as ground work before making formal contacts to ask for money from an entity. She noted that this takes time, effort and commitment by the organization and its board of directors. She shared an idea she had for congratulating honorees at a banquet being held this week in Rochester who could be a source of donations.

High rise Outreach - Jim Leary
Jim shared his ideas and efforts to establish RCIL's presence in the county's high rises. He communicated with Sharon Clark of Kennedy Towers who received his ideas positively and as a first action step would like to have the staff apprised of the services that RCIL could provide for Kennedy Towers. Jim envisions bringing RCIL personnel to high rises on a regular basis to provide services to residents.
It was noted that a van or some similar vehicle would be a great asset to help transport RCIL staff for such outreach (and for other purposes) and to bring along needed equipment. Barb Forgione and Tom O'Rourke volunteered to contact local organizations that might have a used vehicle they are no longer using or a car dealership who may be willing to help out with a vehicle at a free or reduced price.

Fundraising T-shirts and tote bags - Jean Penner and Jim Leary
Jean said that about 5 bags were sold at the annual meeting and that demand for T-shirts had slowed down. A new storage system has been put in place that has helped with T-shirt organization. It was noted that the political poster with the reference to the disabled as the sleeping giant was powerful and very pertinent for the coming presidential election year. Brenda Davis, Barb Forgione and Tom O'Rourke all volunteered to look into places that might be interested in reproducing the poster so it could be distributed to bring out the disabled vote and to raise the profile of the disabled and our issues among local political organizations.

January Open House
The RCIL annual open house will take place on Tuesday, January 6th, 2004. It was noted that donations of food and beverages would be greatly needed as the cost last year was around $1000.
Tom O'Rourke, who is an artist, will be very generously donating one of his paintings to be used for fundraising at the event. Barb Forgione has volunteered to contact Kiwanis members for donations for the event. Anyone else who can donate items or knows someone who can is encouraged to do so and to call Jean Penner to let her know.

Rochester Business Journal - Brenda Davis
Brenda noted that this project will be pursued as we get more information about RCIL together and formalized.