RCIL PR Committee
Minutes of the Meeting for January 15, 2024

Present: Todd Eggert, CJ Penner, Sherry Shaw, Cathy Alfieri

Review of January 6th Open House:
Todd reported that the January Open House was very successful with a good turnout and good staff support. The procedures for the raffle will be refined for the future so it is not held at the end of the event.

Awards Banquet:
Cathy reported that Greg LaDuca of Crowne Plaza said that a penne pasta dish would be a possible choice. She is going to see if it is possible to have four choices - a fish, beef, chicken and vegetable pasta dish for the event.
CJ Penner will be sending "Save the Date" information out to the membership for the May 2nd awards banquet and the ADA picnic in July.

Todd noted that the staff is reviewing five grants to assess the feasibility of RCIL applying for and administering the grants. Cathy sent out information on several
federal grants for children with disabilities. Todd reported that the grant possibility through the Unitarian Church did not work out but there may still be potential contacts via this source.

RCIL Cable TV Access:
Cathy brought a form from the Pittsford Cable Access TV to be filled out with information about RCIL to be transmitted as a static announcement. Jean Penner will work on a draft of the announcement which will focus on our services. Other cable access channels are being contacted to see if this outreach strategy can be used throughout Monroe and the other counties that RCIL serves.
The possibility of videotaping a "virtual" open house of RCIL was discussed to have on hand to broadcast and also provide to parties interested in learning about RCIL.

RCIL branding on products:
Jean Penner showed a snow globe with the RCIL logo as part of it and also noted that it may be possible for T-shirts to be made that would be tactile as well as visual. She will be looking into this. The design of such items as T-shirts is being discussed as another way to raise the profile of RCIL within the community.

The next PR committee meeting will be at 3:30 on the third Wednesday in February, directly preceding the Board of Directors meeting. To place an item on the agenda or to give feedback, contact Mary Wilson or Cathy Alfieri