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Photosynthesis is the making of food by plants. The essential ingredients in making this food are sunlight, the chlorophyll that is present in green plants, water and carbon dioxide in the air. Photosynthesis is necessary not just for plants to make food for themselves, but for animals, including us eventually.

How does photosynthesis occur?

Water is taken in through the roots of the plant and transported to the leaves by the xylem (tubes that carry water) in the stems.

Carbon dioxide animals breathe out from the air goes into the leaves through the tiny pores called stomata and is spreads to the cells that contain chlorophyll in the inside layer of the leaf.

Sunlight is used to break down the water in the plant into oxygen which the plant gives off and we use to breathe. The hydrogen is then used with the carbon dioxide to create the food for the plants and ultimately food for animals as well.


Plants and animals are both kingdoms of living things. They differ in important aspects. The chart below summarizes some of these differences.

Plants generally are rooted in one place an do not move on their ownMost animals have the ability to move fairly freely.
Plants contain chlorophyl and can make their own foodAnimals cannot make their own food and are dependent on plants and other animals for food. 
Plants give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide given off by animals.Animals give off carbon dioxide which plants need to make food and take in oxygen which they need to breathe.
Plants cells have cell walls and other structures differ from those of animals.Animal cells do not have cell walls and have different structures than plant cells
Plants have either no or very basic ability to sense.Animals have a much more highly develped sensory and nervous system.


Plants are one of the major kingdoms of living things. Plants are important to us as they provide us with food, clothing, shelter, medicines, even the air we breathe! They also enhance the environment with their beauty and help other living creatures. Thus it is very important we are informed about plants and how we can help them thrive. The study of plants is called botany.

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Best HCG Drops for 2023- Reviews and Results

After coming out of the 2020-2021 pandemic lockdowns, there was a need for many people to find the best, fastest and safest remedy for obesity. The top rated HCG Drops became even more popular.

In 2017, more than 40 percent of the US population was obese! This number increased by a good size during the post-pandemic lockdowns.

More than 40 percent of the population said that during the pandemic, they gained more weight than they intended. You can read more about that in this article published on

Therefore, if you are struggling with weight gain, you are not alone. Even better, there is a safe, healthy and natural alternative to help you lose the excess weight. It does not involve going to the gym. Just take the best HCG Drops with the accompanying low calorie diet, and lose weight.


What are HCG Diet Drops?

As you might infer from the name, HCG drops are liquid under-the-tongue supplements blended to mimic the functions of the HCG hormone in the body.

The HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin hormone occurs in the human body naturally. However, as we grow older, its level in the system drops.

This hormone is largely responsible for enhancing the circadian rhythms, controlling metabolism, and it enhances growth in children.

Produced in the anterior pituitary gland, if the secretion of this hormone is too low in children, they might experience delayed puberty. Also, children born without the anterior pituitary gland might experience dwarfism.

Due to poor lifestyle habits, our bodies stop secreting enough HCG hormone. In children, there is stunted growth. In adults, low HCG levels show in the onset of obesity, low libido, unexplained fatigue and many more symptoms.

This is where the HCG drops come in. These supplements are blended in high quality labs. Some contain HCG but most do not contain the hormone.

When you take these drops, they reset the metabolism, activate the hypothalamus gland and get the body to start secreting more HCG hormone.

You will also experience smooth and constant energy release from your cells. Therefore, you can consume very few calories and experience no fatigue or lethargy as you go about your daily activities and business.

The Best Rated HCG Diet Drops to Buy

After seeing the importance of supplementing on HCG drops, now, we have to bring you the top four of them.

There are so many in the market, but here, we shall bring you the best based on different things like ingredients, price, effectiveness and efficiency.

1. Nutravit Diet Drops – Best ingredients

Imagine the power of 20 high quality ingredients drawn from herbal sources and from amino acids. Imagine being able to blast even the most stubborn and lethal fat – visceral fat from your body, by using a robust supplement without any side effects. Years ago, this might have sounded like a pipe dream, but it is true now.

The team behind The Nutravit Diet Drops has doctors, nutritionists, and scientists. After years of research, they bring you the product that will help you lose up to 2 pounds in one day. This starts in the very first week of starting to use this supplement.

Not only do the Nutravit Diet Drops by Nutravit Labs help you burn fat, but they also give you energy. They boost the immune system and enhances your general wellness.

After using this supplement, you will experience better skin, uplifted mood, more productivity at work and at school, and many other benefits.

But there is a small catch. I will explain to you why this is a small catch. You have to take these diet drops in combination with a very low calorie diet.

This can be the original HCG Diet formulated by Dr. Simeons in the late 50s, or it could be any other low calorie diet.

This diet will not contain carbohydrates. Rather, you will get your calories from proteins, fruits and vegetables. You will also drink copious amounts of water, teas and other allowed beverages.

Nutravit Diet Drops come with the diet protocol of their own. Their diet plans also contain all the foods you can eat, and when you can eat them (lunch, supper, breakfast, and snacking). They also contain all the foods you should not eat.

How the Nutravit Diet Drops work

These diet drops work by suppressing your appetite so you do not feel the urge to eat or to snack. Even though you don’t experience hunger pangs, ensure you eat something, at least 500 calories a day.

When you don’t feel hungry, you won’t eat. However, the body still needs energy for various activities. You also need energy to work, walk, laugh, breathe, yawn and do much more.

Since you are not taking any calories, your body must get its fuel from somewhere. That’s how it starts burning fat.

Nutravit diet drops also work by changing how the body handles fat. It is a long and complicated process. It involves glucose regulation, increasing insulin sensitivity, preventing the absorption of fat from your diets and even changing how the body stores fat.

Some Nutravit ingredients enhance the transfer of fatty acids to the mitochondria for faster metabolism.

This HCG weight loss supplement does not only help you lose weight, but it will also help you to keep the lost weight away.

After getting through the maintenance (third phase) of the Nutravit diet protocol, you will have cut addiction to junk foods, sugars and starches. Clean eating becomes easier.

Nutravit Ingredients

Every one of the 20 ingredients used in the formulation of this natural fat burner supplement contributes to weight loss and general wellness.

Here is a simple, tabular presentation to give you a glimpse of how every ingredient works:

L-OrnithineImproving mental stamina
L-GlutamineGastro-intestine health, immune system and circulation enhancement
Beta-AlanineIncreases rate of energy production in the cells
L-CarnitineHelps the body burn fat for energy release
L-ArginineImproves the release, and sensitivity of insulin in your system
L-TryptophanIt is a serotonin hormone precursor
Grape seed extractPrevents the body from storing fat
Coleus forskohlii root extractHelps the body to burn more fat
Garcinia CambogiaControls hunger, changes how the body deposits fat
African Mango ExtractIncreases the metabolic rate
Rhodiola RoseaHas rosavin, which helps in burning fat
Capsicum annuum extractIncreases rate of oxygen consumption in the cells, energy release
Grapefruit extractImproves insulin sensitivity for glucose control
Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extractBlocks sugar receptors so you do not crave sweet things
Panax Ginseng ExtractPrevents fat storage, increases cellular energy consumption and metabolism
Raspberry KetoneImproves the body’s metabolic rate for faster fat burn
Green Tea ExtractPrevents oxidative stress, regulates hormones, anti-inflammatory
Fucoxanthin extractRaises metabolic rate, anti-cancer and anti-inflammation
Chromium picolinateCures starch and sugar addictions
Inactive ingredientsPurified water, glycerin, potassium sorbate, citric acid

How to use Nutravit Diet Drops

Before you start, you must choose the very low calorie diet that you want to work with. It can be the 500, 800, or 1200-calorie diet. Extreme obesity requires the 500-calorie one. Choose one depending on your weight goals.

These diet plans have phases (1 to 4). The first phase is the loading phase, and this is where you start taking these HCG diet drops.

Place 10 to 15 drops under the tongue, three times a day and at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything. Hold the liquid under your tongue for 30 to 60 seconds, and then swallow it.

You will do this for 23 days (first two days of the loading phase and another 21 days).

If you do not lose the weight you had targeted at the end of three weeks, you can continue with the dieting and use these diet drops for another 21 days.

Remember to take your weight every morning when you wake up. You want to see whether you will lose the guaranteed 1 to 2 pounds of weight daily, when you start Phase 2.

Formulated and tested by a team of medics and nutritionistsYou will most likely need at least 2 bottles to start with
Fast communication with customer support 
Incredible discounts and fast shipping 
Really works! You’ll burn at least 6 pounds a week 

Where to buy Nutravit Diet Drops

Always buy your HCG diet drops from the official website. These ones come in three popular packages, as follows:

  • Package 1  - 5 bottles but you pay the price of 3 bottles
  • Package 2 – 3 Bottles but you pay the price of 2 bottles
  • Package 3 – 1 bottle for $59.99

Every purchase is backed by a money back guarantee of 90 days and comes with a diet protocol, or you can use the original Dr. Simeons protocol.

2. Official HCG Diet Drops

No list of the top rated HCG drops can be complete if it does not contain the Official HCG. This supplement has the HCG hormone itself in the powers of 6X, 12X, 30X or 60X. Still, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy it. It is safe, and the ingredients come from natural sources.

The HCG hormone will help close the gap that the low secretion of natural HCG leaves. It will also enhance the body’s natural secretion of the HCG hormone, so you do not have to be hooked to this supplement for the rest of your life.

As happens with all HCG weight loss supplements, for maximum efficiency, you have to take the Official HCG with a very low calorie diet.

The idea is to create a caloric deficit between what the calories you consume and the recommended daily intake. To fill this deficit, the body will have to reach out to its fat reserves. That is how you can end up losing up to 2 pounds daily.

But what happens after the fat reserves are gone and you are still on the very low calorie diet and these drops? Most people are afraid the body will start breaking down the lean muscle. That is not the case however. This supplement is going to protect your lean muscle mass.

How Official HCG Diet Drops work

These drops improve your health in different ways. However, the main objective for taking them is to enhance your body’s metabolic rate so that you can burn fat.

To do this, the diet drops keep you feeling sated for many hours. There is less urge to eat. The body then has to burn fat for energy to keep you going.

When you consume fewer calories than you need, the body has to look for the extra calories to burn. In this case, it will burn fat for energy.

To make this process quicker, this supplement from NATO Supplements, Inc. enhances the rate of transfer of fatty acids to the mitochondria for breakdown.

When you start taking this fat burning supplement, you can expect to enjoy a lot of energy. You will feel more alert, happier and less lethargic.

Official HCG Diet Drops Ingredients

HCG Hormone – This is the main ingredient. It will help your body get into high metabolism mode and start burning fat almost immediately. Taking homeopathic HCG is going to stimulate the hypothalamus gland to start doing its magic, and kick-start the metabolism.

L-Carnitine – This is included here for the main purpose of transferring the fat from the deposit areas to the cells for burning.

L-Arginine – This amino acid is best known for its ability to stimulate the insulin, make it more sensitive so it can control the glucose levels in a better way. It can also remove plaque from your vessels, increasing the volume of blood moving to different parts with oxygen and nutrients.

Vitamin B12 – Vitamin B12 does not have a direct effect on weight gain or loss. However, it enhances the body’s energy needs, so more calories have to be burned. The energy release also makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

L-Ornithine – High metabolism leads to the release of more ammonia, which needs to be removed through urination fast. But for it to be eliminated through urination, it needs to be converted to urea. L-Ornithine enhances this conversion.

How to use the Official HCG Diet Drops

You need to take 10 drops of this supplement three times a day. Place them under your tongue, hold it for a few moments and then swallow.

When you buy the diet drops from the official website, it will come with a diet guide. This will help you keep your calorie deficit high and get the body on high fat burn mode.

Made with organic ingredients with no side effectsWeight loss results vary from person to person
Comes with a diet guide500 calorie diet requires some getting used to
If there is no change in weight in 7 days, the company gives you a $10 rebate 
It does not leave an aftertaste 

Cost and where to buy

Go to and buy your diet drops and program guide from there. Choose a package that will meet your needs in the best way possible.

A 15-day bottle costs $59.00 while a 21-day bottle (2 Oz) costs $79.00. You could also order a 45-day package with a 4 Oz bottle at $99.00. A 90-day package comes with 2 X 4 Oz bottles costing $129.00 while a Couples Package with 2 X 4 Oz bottles costs $129.00.

3. Official HCG Green Coffee Bean: Cheapest HCG Diet Drops

In case you do not want to use the Official HCG Diet Drops that contain the HCG hormone, you can opt for their HCG Diet Plan Green Coffee Bean Diet Drops.

As the name suggests, this supplement has the green coffee bean extract as one of its main ingredients. Once you start taking it, it is going to kick-start your metabolism by stimulating the hypothalamus gland to action.

This supplement is 100 percent natural. It also contains no additives or fillers. Once you open it, just keep it refrigerated so that it won’t lose its potency.

This is a blend of many herbal ingredients, which unleash serious fat burning power in your system. You will start experiencing positive results the very first day you take the drops, starting with the smooth energy release.

How Official HCG Diet Plan Green Coffee Bean Diet Drops work

Green coffee bean extract enhances weight loss but only when the user of the supplement follows a low calorie diet. That’s how this product works. If you don’t follow a low calorie diet, it is not going to work very well for you.

This product is a formulation of amino acids and herbal extracts. Some have a direct impact on weight while some affect other things such as changing the way the body stores fat. Others will also enhance how fat is transferred from the deposit area to the cells for metabolism.

Take this supplement with Dr. Simeons HCG diet of 500 calories in 24 hours. This is going to create a big caloric deficit and in return, it will force the body to burn fat to make up for this. It is very important that you follow the dosage and diet instructions without missing a thing.

Official HCG Diet Plan Green Coffee Bean Diet Drops Dosage

The manufacturer says that children older than four years can use this supplement. For adults, the dosage is 10 drops taken three times daily. Place the drops under the tongue and hold them there for a minute before swallowing.


The most outstanding ingredient in this product is the chlorogenic acids. They prevent the spiking of blood sugar after eating, among many other functions.This proprietary blend also suppresses your appetite so you don’t eat too much.

There are almost 20 ingredients in this Green Coffee Bean HCG Diet drops. There are amino acids such as Beta-Alanine, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, and Tryptophan. Herbal ingredients include Garcinia Cambogia, Grapefruit powder, Panax Ginseng, Maca root powder, African Mango Extract, Green Coffee Beans, capsicum, guarana, eleuthero, EGCG, raspberry ketone, and there is Chromium Picolinate.

Made with many herbal ingredientsConfusing information – says it is intended for people older than 4 years then says only those over 18 should use it
Contains a proprietary blend of chlorogenic acids 
Made in the USA in CGMP and FDA-approved facilities 
Has ingredients that protect lean muscle mass 

Cost and where to buy

Order this supplement on the official website only: One bottle contains 60ML and it can give you 30 servings. It is recommended to order at least two bottles for consistent results. By the time of writing this review, a bottle was costing $24.95, slashed from $39.   

4. SHAPELINE Weight Loss Drops

Nowhere on their product description do they mention that these are HCG diet drops. However, they do the same thing that other HCG diet drops we have reviewed here do. They boost the metabolism; they contain robust herbal extracts and amino acids. Made by SHAPELINE, these diet drops are perfect for men and women who want to lose weight without exercising.

How SHAPELINE diet drops work

When the HCG level in the body is down, the metabolism takes a slump. But these drops boost the metabolic rate so that the body burns fat and releases more energy.

Also, it has strong appetite suppressants such as L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Garcinia Cambogia and others. These also prevent the body from making new fat deposits. They will also prevent the absorption of fat from the food that you eat.  

If you like exercising to make the weight loss process shorter, taking these drops helps a lot. You will feel more energetic so you can work out longer and harder.

If you need to lose weight urgently, these HCG diet drops work best with a weight loss plan that limits your daily calorie intake to 500 or 800 calories. 

SHAPELINE Diet drops ingredients

Garcinia cambogiaSuppresses appetite and burns visceral fat
Green tea extractBurns fat and is an anti-inflammatory
Green coffee extractPrevents fat storage in the body
African MangoLowers LDL levels in the blood
Dandelion root extractRegulates glucose levels in the blood
Ginger root extractRemoves toxins from the digestive canal
Other ingredientsL-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Gymnema Sylvestre, Cinnamon, and Coleus Forskohlii

How to use SHAPELINE HCG Drops

Take ten drops everyday. You can add the liquid to a glass of water or protein shakes. Alternatively, for extreme weight loss, you will have to place 10 drops under your tongue, hold and then swallow. Take these drops three times a day, until you reach your desired weight.

Made from well known herbal and amino acid ingredientsSome people have complained about the aftertaste
Helps you lose weight if you watch your diet 
Stimulates the metabolism so it’s never sluggish again 
It is vegan-friendly 

Where to buy and cost

You can order this supplement on the SHAPELINE official website. It comes in a 30ML bottle, which is going to last you about 15 days and it costs $28.00. They only deliver to clients in the USA. It is also available on at a lower price. If you buy on Amazon, they will ship out of the USA.  

Conclusion and Recommendation

As you have seen in this round up article of four of the top rated HCG drops, there is something for everyone. Even if you want a natural supplement that costs less than $25, it is available.

The cheapest one is SHAPELINE, while the most feature-rich is Nutravit Diet Drops. If you do not mind a supplement with real HCG hormone, go for the Official HCG Diet Plan.

We would highly recommend getting the Nutravit Diet Drops because they not only suppress the appetite, reduce hunger pangs and reset metabolism, but they also boost your immune system, improve your mental wellness and they have anti-aging qualities.