The Lion and the Mouse Quiz


1. How did the Mouse avoid a bad plight in the beginning of the fable?
He escaped and ran away from the Lion
He bit the Lion and the Lion dropped him.
He convinced the Lion that he would someday help him.


2. How did the Lion react to the Mouse?
He was amused by the Mouse.
The Lion was angry.
He put the Mouse in a cage.


3. How did the Mouse help the Lion in his sad plight?
He gnawed through the ropes holding the Lion captive.
He brought him food and drink.
He scared the huntsmen away.


4. Which of these would NOT be a lesson from this story?
Overcome your enemies.with force.
Never judge a book by its cover.
Good things can come in small packages.


5. The word bound means
tied up
is your final score!


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