The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse Quiz


1. How did the Town Mouse react to the fare that the Country Mouse gave him?
He thought it was tasty.
He thought it was spoiled and rotting.
He thought is was poor.


2. A residence is
a dessert
the head of a country like the United States
a home


3. What does "turn up one's nose" mean as in "The Town Mouse rather turned up its long nose at the poor fare."?
He disliked and looked down on the fare.
He enjoyed the fare.
He smelled the fare.


4. A lesson of this story would NOT be
Keep your head held high
There's no place like home.
To each his own


5. Country fare in this fable means
cakes and jellies
an event in which people gather to show off farm animals, foods, etc..
beans and bacon
is your final score!



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