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Aesop's Fables Activities


Choose one of the fables. Create a play of this fable. If helpful, use the Fable Play Form to help out. If possible, videotape your performance.

Choose one of the fables. Create a slide show of that fable in a graphics program.

Retell one of the fables in a book of your own creation with illustrations.

Go to your library and find a book of Aesop's Fables. See if you can find one of the fables from this site and compare how the fables are told.

Create a crossword puzzle of the fable words from the Fable Glossary Page.

Create a fable of your own with animals not mentioned in these fables. Make sure there is a lesson or moral to the story.

In fables, animals take on human traits or characteristics. Make a collage of different animals and label human traits that you think each animal might represent.

Make up your own set of questions for one of the fables.

Think of an experience you had where you learned a lesson. Rewrite this experience as a fable with animals as the main characters.



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