United States Constitution

Site Description

This site is designed to help users learn more about the United States Constitution. It is also designed to be accessible to users with disabilities as well as those without disabilities.


Content Pages Layout and Content:

At the top of each content page are animated letters within an invisible table spelling out the topic of the page - for example Article 1. Each discrete animated letter and number is colored red, white and blue. There is a star at the top of the letters and then the bottom of the letter fills in gradually with colored stripe.

The title of the page is written again in the standard font.


There is a bulleted vocabulary list of terms and their definitions that will be found in the content body. In addition these words are also linked within the content the first time they are mentioned. When the link is clacked, the definition for the word appears in a new browser window which should be closed once the definition is read. In addition, all the vocabulary for this site and the Bill of Rights site in listed on the Glossary page.

Quizzes and Activities:
Most of the article pages have quizzes to assess the user's knowledge of the article's content. The score appears in the text box at the end of the quiz after the user answers the last question.

Each article is divided into its sections and clauses. There is a title to each section and clause in italics which is NOT a part of the original Constitution. There is a text box following each section and/or clause for the user to rewrite the section and/or clause in the text box.


Other pages

Quizzes pages contain multiple choice questions with three choices of answers preceded by radio buttons. The user is to choose the best answer to each question. The user's score appears in the text box at the end of the quiz after the user answers the last question.

There is an activities page with different projects that the user can do to increase his/her knowledge of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Glossary page lists the terms in a table with the word in the first column and the definition as it pertains to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights in the second column.

The Links page has a list of web resources on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The Constitution page has the entire constitution written in its original form.


Accessibility for persons with disabilities features:

The page title is stated in the title bar at the top of the page.

The fonts within the body of the pages is a standard font.

Each image has an Alt Tag or alternative text tag to describe what it is to the user either by reading the tag or having it read with a screen reader.

The first animated letter on content pages has a link that when clicked will move the user past the rest of the animated letters to the page content. The second animated letter when clicked will move the user to the menu table at the bottom of the page.

The page is arranged in a linear fashion to avoid distractions with side columns. At the bottom of each content page is a menu table of page links.

Many of the vocabulary words have links that when clicked have the definition pop up in a new browser window. The user may then wish to close the window after reading the definition.

The first animated letter image when clicked will take the user to the beginning of the content of the page. The second animated letter when clicked on will take the user to the menu table of pages at the bottom of the page.

The text boxes after each section and/or clause can be filled in online and then printed off. In addition, any of the pages can be downloaded and open in an application such as Microsoft Word so that the user can compete the exercises.














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