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Certain contractions are formed with the word not. Most of the contractions are formed by putting together the word not with the word and substituting an apostrophe for the o in the word not. The two exceptions are the words will not becoming won't and cannot becoming can't. Below is a table of not contractions:




can not can + not - no can't
are not are + not - o aren't
do not do + not - o


does not does + not - o doesn't
could not could+ not - o couldn't
would not would+ not - o wouldn't
should not should+not-o shouldn't
will not will -ill + o then - o won't
have not have + not - o haven't
had not had + not - o


has not has + not - o hasn't
is not is + not - o isn't
was not was + not - o wasn't
were not were + not - o weren't


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