Sirach - Chapter 31

[Sirach 31]
{31:1} Watching for wealth consumes the flesh, and thinking about it takes away sleep.
{31:2} Anticipation in thought distracts the mind, and a grievous infirmity makes the soul sober.
{31:3} The rich man has labored in gathering wealth, and in his rest, he will be filled with his goods.
{31:4} The poor man has labored in his lowly way, and in the end, he may still be in need.
{31:5} Whoever loves gold will not be justified. And whoever pursues consumption will be consumed by it.
{31:6} Many have been caused to fall because of gold, and it became their ruin by its beauty.
{31:7} Gold is a stumbling block to those who sacrifice for it. Woe to those who pursue it eagerly, for all the imprudent will perish by it.
{31:8} Blessed is the rich man who is found to be without blemish. And blessed is he who has not gone after gold, nor placed his hope in money or treasures.
{31:9} Who is he? For we should praise him. For he has done wonderful things in his life.
{31:10} He has been tested by it, and has become perfect; he will have eternal glory. He was able to transgress, but he has not transgressed. He was able to do evil, but he has not done evil.
{31:11} Therefore, his good things are established in the Lord, and the entire Church of the saints will proclaim his almsgiving.
{31:12} Are you seated at a great table? You should not open your mouth over it first.
{31:13} You should not speak in this way: "There are many things that are upon it."
{31:14} Remember that a wicked eye is evil.
{31:15} What has been made more wicked than the eye? Therefore, when it sees, it will shed tears over the entire face.
{31:16} You should not extend your hand first, for then, having been corrupted by envy, you would be ashamed.
{31:17} You should not press forward at a feast.
{31:18} Understand which things are your neighbor's and not your own.
{31:19} Make use of the things that are set before you, just as a frugal man would. Otherwise, if you eat much, you will be hated.
{31:20} Cease eating first, for the sake of discipline. And do not eat to excess, lest you offend.
{31:21} And if you sit in the midst of many, you should not extend your hand before they do, and you should not be the first to ask for a drink.
{31:22} How sufficient is a little wine for a well-taught man! For in sleep, you will not labor because of it, and you will not feel pain.
{31:23} Worry, and disease, and torment are with an intemperate man.
{31:24} A healthy sleep is with a temperate man. He will sleep until morning, and his soul will be delighted with him.
{31:25} And if you have been coaxed into eating too much, rise up, go outside, and vomit. And it will refresh you, and you will not bring sickness upon your body.
{31:26} Listen to me, son, for you should not spurn me. And in the very end, you will discover my words.
{31:27} In all your works, be prompt, and then no infirmity will befall you.
{31:28} The lips of many will bless the splendid in bread. For the testimony of his truthfulness is faithful.
{31:29} The city will murmur against the wicked in bread. For the testimony against his wickedness is true.
{31:30} Do not choose to provoke those who love wine. For wine has destroyed many.
{31:31} Fire tests the hardness of iron; similarly, drinking wine to inebriation will rebuke the hearts of the arrogant.
{31:32} Drinking wine in sobriety gives a contented life to men. If you drink it in moderation, you will be sober.
{31:33} What is life to him who is diminished by wine?
{31:34} What can cheat him of his life? Death.
{31:35} From the beginning, wine was created for cheerfulness, but not for inebriation.
{31:36} Wine taken in moderation lifts up the mind and the heart.
{31:37} Sober drinking is healthful to mind and body.
{31:38} Wine taken in excess stirs up conflict and anger, and brings many to ruin.
{31:39} Wine taken in excess is bitter to the soul.
{31:40} The effects of inebriation are a stumbling block to the imprudent, diminishing strength and causing wounds.
{31:41} You should not argue with your neighbor during a banquet of wine. And you should not spurn him in his cheerfulness.
{31:42} You should not speak words of reproach to him. And you should not press him with repeated requests.


In 31:1-11 Sirach speaks about wealth. What are some of his thoughts?

In 31:12-25 Sirach speaks on social behaviors. What are some of his thoughts?

In 31:26-42 what advice does Sirach offer to his son?



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