Transportation - Transporte Quiz


Click on the radio button in front of the word that is the best translation for the Spanish word. If you are having trouble, go to the Transportation - Transporte page.

1. autobús

automobile bus bus station


2. coche

trolley train car


3. gasolina

gasoline service station mechanic


4. gasolinera

gas station oil attendant gas pump


5. ferrocarril

car station railroad


6. estacion

station track highway


7. avión

airport airplane luggage


8. avión a reacción

pilot turbulance jet plane


9. puerto

port shipment boat


10. buque

canoe sail ship


11 astronave

astronaut astrology spaceship


12. moto

motor engine motorcycle


13. camión

camshaft steering wheel truck


14. navegación

canoing compass sailing


15. lanchamotora

motor boat sailboat ferry


16. motorista

rest stop motor home motorist


17. helicóptero

helicopter roter pilot


18. rueda

road route wheel


19. mecánico

engine machine mechanic


20. barca

debark boat ferry


21. bicicleta

bike motor scooter bicyclist