Shopping - Ir de compras Quiz


Click on the word that is the best translation for the Spanish word. If you are having trouble, go back to the Shopping - Ir de compras page.

1. peluqueria

fish market stationery store barbershop


2. librería

library librarian book store


3. carnicería

butcher shop card shop mall


4. casa de empeños

hardware store toy store pawnshop


5. galerias

art gallery fish market department store


6. panadería

shoe store supermarket bakery


7. ferretería

jewelry furs hardware


8. quiosco

bakery kiosk drugstore


9. regalo

tax bill gift


10. anunciar

counter drugstore advertise


11. mercancía

commercial merchant merchandise


12. mercado

tax bill market


13. baratillo

bar cafe flea market


14. tienda de comestibles

shoe store grocery store clothing store


15. venta

sale tax bill


16. papeleria

paper mill stationery store jewelry store


16. ladrón

shopkeeper merchant shoplifter


17. farmacia

farm market drugstore shoe store


18. impuesto

bill charge tax


19. tendero

cash stockroom salesclerk


20. silo

barn farm market warehouse


21. fachada

dressing room storefront mannequin


22. maniquí

mannequin cash register hanger


23. perchero

shelf rack hanger


24. estante

shelf hanger dressing room


25. centro comercial

downtown business mall