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Numbers - Numeros


Below is a table with three columns. In each row, an English word or phrase is in the first column. On occasion in the second column there is an illustration of the word. In the third column is one or more Spanish words for the English word in the first column


Study the words and then try the Numbers - Numeros Quiz.

English Word
La palabra inglés


Spanish Word
La palabra español

zero zero animation cero
one uno
two Two animation dos
three Three Image tres
four Four Image cuatro
five Five Image cinco
six Six Image seis
seven Seven Image siete
eight Eight Image ocho
nine Nine Image nueve
ten   diez
eleven   once
twelve   doce
thirteen   trece
fourteen   catorce
fifteen   quince
sixteen   diez y seis
seventeen   diez y siete
eighteen   diez y ocho
nineteen   diez y nueve
twenty   veinte
twenty-one   veintiuno
thirty   treinta
forty   cuarenta
fifty   cincuenta
sixty   sesenta
seventy   setenta
eighty   ochenta
ninety   noventa
one hundred   cien, ciento
hundredth   centésima
thousand   mil
thousandth   milésimo
million   millon
first   primera
second   segundo
third   tercero
fourth   cuarto
fifth   quinto
sixth   sexto
seventh   séptimo
eighth   octavo
ninth   noveno
tenth   décimo
fraction   fracción
decimal   decimal
percent   porciento
add   sumar
subtract   sustraer
multiply   multiplicación
divide   dividir