Kitchen - Cocina Quiz


Below are a list of Spanish words from the Kitchen - Cocina page.followed by three English words preceded by a radio button.

Click on the radio button in front of the English word that is the best translation for the Spanish word.

1. refrigerador

refrigerator dishwasher garbage disposal


2. lavoplatos

silverware dinnerware dishwasher


3. cocinero

cookbook cook dish


4. congelador

stove microwave freezer


5. taza

sugar bowl teaspoon cup


6. armario

microwave stove cupboard


7. tenedor

spoon fork knife


8. servilleta

platter ladle napkin


9. cuchillo

spatula strainer knife


10. cuchara

bowl tongs spoon


11. cacerola

bowl s trainer pan


12. micoondras

microwave toaster saucer


13. platillo

plant saucer coaster


14. azucarero

butter dish sugar bowl toaster


15. tostador

toaster toast stove


16. estufa

dryer bowl stove



vase bowl oven


18. esponja

rag sponge duster


19. cuenco

ladle bowl rag


20. espátula

ladle spatula mixer


21. parilla

pot broiler steamer


22. quemador

garbage disposal blender burner


23. abrelatas

bottle opener can opener grater


24. vaso

ladle glass grater


25. rallador

bottle cap grater strainer


26. tapo

duster rag strainer


27. cafetera

coffee grinder coffee pot coffee cup


28. tetera

teacup teapot tea bag


29. bandejitas

counter platter meat grinder


30. sartén

saute steam frying pan


31. hervir

steam boil fry