Below is a table with three columns. In each row, an English word or phrase is in the first column. On occasion in the second column there is an illustration of the word. In the third column is one or more Spanish words for the English word in the first column

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Many of the verbs on this page are reflexive verbs. You can identify reflexive verbs as they end in se in the infinitive. It is important when using these verbs to make sure that the pronoun preceding the verb is in proper agreement with the subject.

A verb is used in the reflexive if the action is being done to oneself. Here is the difference:

English Word
La palabra inglés


Spanish Word
La palabra español

bath (noun)   baño
bathe   bañarse, bañar
bathroom   cuarto de baño
Bethtub animation
brush (verb)   cepillar
comb (noun)   peine
comb (verb)   peinar
conditioner   acondicionador
deodorant   desodorante
dress   vestir, vestirse
dry   secar, secarse
Eye Image
hairdo   peinado
hairbrush   cepillo para el pelo
iron (noun)   plancha
iron (verb)   planchar
lipstick   lápiz de labios
makeup   maquillaje
mouthwash   enjuague
perfume   perfume
razor   navaja de afeitar
shampoo   champú
shave   afeitar, afeitarse
shower (noun)   ducha
shower (verb)   duchar, ducharse
Soap Image
toilet   servicios, excusado, retre
toothbrush image
cepillo de dientes
Toothpaste Image
pasta de dientes
towel   toalla
tweezers   las pinzas
undress   estirar, desnudarse
wash   lavar, lavarse