Household - Objectos de Casa Quiz


Below are a list of Spanish words from the Household Objects - Objeto de casa page.followed by three English words preceded by a radio button.

Click on the radio button in front of the English word that is the best translation for the Spanish word.

1. sábana

fork mattress sheet


2. funda de almohada

pillow tassel pillow pillowcase


3. porcelana

vase china plate


4. toalla

toilet toilet paper towel


5. percha

wash basin towel rack hanger


6. jarrón

basket vase box


7. edredón

draperies blinds quilt


8. pañería

waste basket dryer drapery


9. cortina

blind curtain pane


10. reloj

screen pane clock


11. aspirador

washing machine dryer vacuum cleaner


12. escoba

duster broom dryger


13. mantel

placemat tablecloth napkin


14.. cama

bed chair desk


15. silla

sink chair


16. barra

desk bathroom sink


17. desvan

couch vanity attic


18. mesa

table rug pillow


19. alfombra

furniture drawer carpet


20. almohada

pillow drawer sink


21. secador

door dryer key


22. papelera

paper bag desk waste basket


23. fregadero

refrigerator freezer dresser


24. refrigerador

refrigerator freezer ice tray


25. estufa

arm chair stove broom


26. los servicios

flatware napkin toilet


27. almofia

pillow sink rug


28. calzoncillos

tiles drawers boxess


29. estante

ladder shelf drawer


30. escala

ladder sidewalk fence


31. mueble

mat furniture shed