Geography - Geographia Quiz


Click on the word that is the best translation for the Spanish word. If you are having trouble, go to the Geography - Geographia page.

1. pais

plateau river country


2. isla

island river lake


3. rio

lake river bay


4. lago

lagoon lake state


5. montaña

mountain hill beach


6. océano

ocean hill cliff


7. cañón

canyon cliff peninsula


8. península

peninsula port map


9. colina

sea gulf hill


10. condado

plateau county valley


11. val

valley foothills mountain range


12. glaciar

glacier ice peak


13. meseta

latitude longitude plateau


14. globo terráqueo

globe map compass


15. mapa

legend map compass


16. norte

equator north north pole


17. brújula

desert south compass


18. desierto

desert plain west


19. tierra

port east land


20. este

estuary east time zone


21. yungla

jungle forest cave


22. oeste

eastern west western


23. golfo

golf course gulf creek


24. mar

Mars swamp sea


25. playa

plateau mesa beach


26. cueva

cove cave field