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Below is a table with three columns. In each row, an English word or phrase is in the first column. On occasion in the second column there is an illustration of the word. In the third column is one or more Spanish words for the English word in the first column

Study the words and then try the Furniture - Muebles Quiz.

English Word
La palabra inglés


Spanish Word
La palabra español

armchair   sillón
bed   cama
bedspring   somier
bedstead   armadura de la cama
bookshelf   estante
cabinet   gabinete
carpet   alfombra
chair Chair Image silla
chest of drawers   cómoda
couch   sofá cama
cushion   almohadilla
dresser   cómoda
easy chair   butaca
furniture store   mueblería
lamp Lamp Image lampera
mattress   colchón
medicine cabinet   botiquin
nightstand   velador
sofa   sofá
table Table Image mesa
table (small)   meseta