Descriptions - Descripcions Quiz


Click on the word that is the best translation for the Spanish word. If you have trouble, go back to the Descriptions - Descripcions page.

1. agresivamente

aggressive aggressively aggressiveness


2. divertido

dangerous funny sad


3. bonito

good thin pretty


4. ponderado

beautiful sad peaceful


5. alto

deep strange tall


6. pequeño

dangerous blonde small


7. atlético

athletic sad thin


8. triste

careful thin sad


9. bello

musical loud beautiful


10. inteligente

intelligent stupid dangerous


11. gran

old big stupid


12. joven

joyful nervous young


13. rico

broken rich poor


14. viego

evil vigilant old


15. hermosura

alone brotherly handsome

16. peligroso

fat dangerous lazy


17. pobremente

probably poorly poor


18. podrigo

poor bad fat


19. alegre

lazy thin happy


20. rubio

red-head blond brunette


21. cuidadosamente

loudly carefully carelessly


22. descuidadamente

descend carelessly careless


23. perizoso

dangerous lazy lively


24. escurrido

easy thin fat


25. lentamente

generous cheap slowly


26. caro

cheap expensive careful


27. bueno

good beautiful ugly


28. feo

feeble quick ugly


29. generoso

gentle generous harsh


30. largo

long short medium



31. furtivo

furry bald sneaky


32. sincero

honest dishonest fat


33. débilmente

strongly weak weakly


34. fuerte

strong strange strangely


35. extraño

strangely strange strength


36. pelirrojo

blond brunette redhead


37. morena

hungry thirsty brunette


38. hambriento

tired thirsty hungry


39. sediento

sadly safely thirsty


40. sano

clean insane healthy


41. enfermo

weird sick well


42. limpio

limping clean unclean


43. sucio

successful sucking dirty


44. exitoso

exiting unsuccessful successful

45. ruidosamente

rudely rude loudly


46. blando

blond soft rough


47. aspero

aspiring perspiring rough


48. liso

smooth lazy listless


49. corto

legal illegal short


50. pelon

bald criminal hairy