City - Ciudad Quiz


Click on the radio button in front of the word that is the best translation for the Spanish word. If you have trouble, go back to the City - Ciudad page.

1. urbano

urban suburban rural


2. canal

canal river stream


3. banco

bank store beach


4. subterráneo

sewer tenement subway


5. acera

stadium building sidewalk


6. calle

condominium townhouse street


7. aparcar

apartment park museum


8. museo

amusement park movie museum


9. piso

park wall apartment


10. tráfico

traffic light traffic jam traffic


11. comisaría

deli drugstore police station


12. gasolinera

gasoline station gasoline car dealer


13. estacion

estate station hotel


14. intersección

intersection station stadium


15. avenida

event avenue alley


16. acera

kiosk alley sidewalk


17. puente

skyscraper toll booth bridge


18. negocio

ticket cafe business


19. oficina

office officer officical


20. parada del autobús

bus schedule bus driver bus stop


21. cafés

cafes cafeteria coffee shop


22. escalera mecánica

escalator stairs elevator


23. elevador

elevator skyscraper subway


24. cloaca

overpass detour sewer


25. casa vendida por pisos

house apartment condominium


26. iglesia

statue church bar


27. taxi

taxi trolley bus


28. policía

politician police police station


29. boca de incendios   f.

fireworks fireman hydrant


30. semafora

traffic jam traffic light train stop


31. oficina de correos

office building police station post office