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1. obrero

contract executive worker


2. cita

sale tax appointment


3. capitán

capital expense employee boss


4. comerciante

negotiations businessman business woman


5. cliente

salesperson client workman


6. comercio

commercial commerce commodity


7. comité

committee contract data


8. corporación

corporate corporation cooperate


9. seccion

sale department industry


10. producto

productive production product


11. correo de voz

e-mail voice mail mail box


12. base de datos  

appointment data database


13. hoja de calculo

calculator adding machine spreadsheet


14. datos

data date appointment


15. calculadora

calculations calculator calculating


16. programa

programmer schedule hardware


17. bursáti.

treasurer bursar stock market


18. accionista

stock sale stock broker stockholder


19. administrador

administrator manage managing


20. personal

personnel personal correspondence personality test


21. derechos de propiedad literaria

brochure property copyright


22. corporativo

corporation corporate cooperate


23. finanzas

finance financial financially


24. inviertir

interviewer invest investment


25. tenedor de bonos

bond bondsman bondholder


26. contrata

contract contractor contractual


27. empleado

employ employee employer


28. fabrica

factory report mill


29. empresa industria

industria l industrialize industry


30. asegurar

assign insurance insure


31. entrevistar

entrepreneur entree interview


32. desempleado

designer unemployed hired


33. acertar

certify meeting notarize


34. oficina

officer official office


35. fotocopia

photocopy photograph publicity


36. venta

salary ventilate sale


37. salario

salesperson ad salary


38. servicio

serve service server


39. quehacer

questionnaire position trade


40. regular

regulation regulate regulator