Amusements - Divertidos Quiz


Click on the word that is the best translation for the Spanish word. If you have trouble, go back to the Amusements - Divertidos page.

1. acampar

camp camper campfire


2. canoa

canoe boat kayak


3. kayac

kayak boat ferry


4. excursión

tour bus hike bike


5. jardinería

jogging gardening garden


6. aficion

fishing hobby sailing


7. coser

knit crochet sew


8. tarjetas

target practice cards chips


9. ciclismo

bathing cap sunbathing cycling


10. entretener

entertain entertainment entertainer


11. ajedrez

skate checkers chess


12. damas

dominos checkers chips


13. juego con apuestas

poker gambling betting


14. teja

crochet knitting painting


15. presentarse voluntario

volunteer host waiter


16. coleccionar

collect distribute trade


17. leer

listen read yoga


18. teatro

tea party theater disco