Earth Quiz

Click on the radio button in front of the correct answers to the questions.

1. The third planet from the sun and fifth largest in size is

Mercury Venus Earth

2. The earth was shaped into a sphere by the force of

magnetism gravity heat

3. The band of gases surrounding the earth is called the

photosphere chromosphere atmosphere

4. Day and night is caused by the earth's

rotation revolution evolution

5. The earth making one orbit around the sun is called a

rotation revolution evolution

6. The tilt of the earth on its axis causes the

meteor showers seasons solar wind

7. The time in spring and autumn when the earth has days and nights of equal length is called the

equinox axis orbit

8. The theory that the whole solar system was made by different cooling gases and dust particles coming together into the different planets over time is the

grand revolution theory gravitational condensation theory axis rotation theory


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