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Mosses and liverworts are a simple type of green land plant. They have existed on the earth for millions of years. They do not have the true roots, stems with xylem and phloem and leaves of more developed plants. They do have a simple form of roots called rhizomes and simple structures like leaves. Mosses are found in moist areas and do not grow vertically too high but can spread out to be a yard long. They are found on forest floors and appear as a sort of living carpet. Mosses make their own food through photosynthesis.

Mosses reproduce or make more of themselves by branching and breaking into pieces. They also regenerate from parts of leaves or stems, and by spores.

Mosses are valuable in the form of peat moss and sphagnum used for fuel. Some animals also eat mosses. Mosses break down soil to let loose nutrients. They are important in preventing erosion.


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