Leaves Quiz

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1. The parts of the plant that are mainly in charge of making food for the plant are the

roots flowers leaves

2. A thin stalk that connects the blade of the leaf to the plant's stem is the

petiole stomata vein

3. A thin, flat part of the leaf that extends off the end of the petiole is the

stomata blade vein

4. The top layer of the leaf that is its waterproof covering is the

xylem phloem cuticle stomata

5. Little opening in the leaf that allows for the taking in of carbon dioxide and the emission of oxygen during photosynthesis are

xylem phloem cuticle stomata

6. The releasing of water vapor from the plant into the air is called

tranportation transpiration transduction

7. In between the top and bottom layer of the leaf is the green material essential for making food or photosynthesis in the plant

chlorophyll xylem phloem stomata

8. The substances in leaves that give them different colors in the fall are called

stomata pigments veins

9. A compound leaf has a number of

leaflets flowers stems

10. These types of leaves have one main vein called the midrib, and smaller branching veins

pinnate palmate stomate

11. These types of leaves have several large veins branching from the leaf base into the blade.

pinnate palmate stomate

12. Stomata have these on either side of the stomata to help regulate the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen that flows in and out of them.

guard cells xylem phloem


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