Sound Quiz

Click on the radio buttons in front of the correct answers to the questions.

1. This is thought to be the waves caused by the vibration of the object, whether or not they are heard by the ears

light sound gravity

2. Sound waves travel through the air

by vibrating or moving the particles of matter in the air

by the force of gravity pulling them to the earth

by magnetic force

3. There must be particles in the air for sound to be heard.

True False

4. The sound waves below 20 waves per second

supersonic subsonic ultrasonic

5. Sound waves of more than 20,000 waves per second are

ultrasonic subsonic supersonic

6. Sound waves that are regular and organized making them pleasing to the ear are called

noise music cacophony

7. The crowding together of the molecules of air is called

rarefaction condensation evaporation

8. A lessening in the air of the molecules is called

rarefaction condensation evaporation



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