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Mechanics is the part of physics concerned with movement and the forces that cause it. It includes study of the mechanical properties of matter, such as density (how thick something is or how close the molecules are to one another), elasticity (the ability of an object to be distorted and to return to its original size and shape when the source of distortion is removed), and viscosity (how much a liquid will not allow solids to flow through them).

Mechanics is split into two parts - statics which deals with bodies at rest. This would include ideas on buoyancy (the upward force of a liquid on anything that tries to float on it), equilibrium (the study of forces on a body that make it move or stay at rest) , and simple machines.

Dynamics is concerned with bodies in motion. This would include such fields as hydrodynamics (motion with water involved) and aerodynamics (a frequent study in the design of planes and other objects that fly),

Simple Machines:

screw image
Screw is a simple machine shaped like a rod indented or cut with one or more advancing spiral threads,
balance animation - var example of a lever
Lever is a simple machine made up of a bar supported at some point along its length and used to overcome resistance at a second point by using force at a third point. The standing still point of a lever is known as its fulcrum.
Pulley is a simple machine made up of a wheel over which a rope, belt, chain, or cable runs. A forklift, crane, drawbridges, conveyer belts in factories. rope wheel to pull up an anchor, etc.. would be examples.
ramp inclined plane image
Inclined Plane is a simple machine, make up of a sloping surface, making it easier to lift loads. A ramp is a good example.
skateboard - wheel and axle
Wheel & Axle is a simple machine made up of a wheel or wheels mounted on an axle or drum of a smaller diameter width.

Simple Machines Videos


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