Web Design Quiz

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1. Which of these would be the best name for a saved file on bar graphs?
my bar graphs page.htm


2. Which of these would be the best page title for a webpage on bar graphs?
bar graphs
Bar Graphs


3. Which of the following is NOT the best format for images inserted into webpages?


4. Which of the following is a good sound file format for webpages?


5. When choosing background colors for a website, one should choose
A consistent standard color scheme
A different background color for each page.
Bright colors such as neon that attract attention.


6. When designing the splash or opening page one should
Create a big page with lots of information and pictures.
Center all text and images.
Provide contact information.


7. When creating links for a webpage one should
Be sure to include raw web address on the page (Example: http://www.yahoo.com)
Include as many links as possible on a page.
Give link names that simply describe the page the user is going to.


8. When placing text on a webpage one should
Be sure titles should be centered and content text left aligned.
Use many different types of fonts on a page.
Use a wide variety of font sizes for content.


9. When inserting tables one should
Make sure the rows and columns of data tables are labeled.
Use lots of color for all tables.
Make sure all table cells always have thick borders and lots of padding.


10. When planning the layout of a webpage one should
Use frames as much as possible
Include many large pictures.
Use tables for layout judiciously.
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