MSTE 260



These are ideas that can be used both on and off line, depending on the availability of resources. They can be done alone, in pairs or groups. Make sure to give a rubric or specs for the students when making the assignments that give your expectations.


  1. Create a quiz (multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, short answer, essay)
  2. Create an activity sheet (crossword, word search, word scramble, coloring, matching,
  3. Make a poster about the topic
  4. Write a letter/e-mail or make a phone call to ______ about _________
  5. Make a diorama or stage scene relevant to the topic.
  6. Write a play or skit or make a videotape about some aspect of the topic.
  7. Create a learning cube about _________________________________
  8. Create a KidPix or Power Point slide show or Hyperstudio stack.
  9. Create trading cards on the topic.
  10. Create a game (Jeopardy!, Concentration, Trivial Pursuit, Journey through ________)
  11. Compile a list of experiments relevant to the topic.
  12. Debate an issue related to the topic.
  13. Create a graph or chart illustrating some aspect of the topic.
  14. Create a time capsule with relevant objects to the topic.
  15. Create a timeline.
  16. Create a class museum on the topic and invite other classes.
  17. Create a learning center.
  18. Have the students write their own worksheets and publish them as webpages.
  19. Do a book report on a book related to the topic - write a review at
  20. Create spelling lists.
  21. Have students create pictionaries of vocabulary.
  22. Write poems, fast fact sheets, songs, raps.
  23. Create a newspaper on the topic or from the era of the topic.
  24. Write a PSA (public service announcement) and see if you can get it on the radio.
  25. Write a story as if you are there (in that era or in that part of the world)
  26. Make a travel guide for a site relevant to the topic.
  27. Write a care guide for something related to the topic.
  28. Bake or cook something related to the topic.
  29. Create a mural or collage related to the topic.
  30. Burn a CD/DVD with class activities or have them make one.
  31. Make a scrapbook of news articles on the subject.
  32. Create a diary by someone living in the era or from the point of view of someone in the era.
  33. Create a photo album with captions..
  34. Create cartoons relevant to the topic.
  35. Create a virtual tour of a relevant site to the topic.