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Other Water Forms

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While oceans, lakes and rivers are the major definitions of water forms, there are other water forms or divisions. They are listed below

A sea is a body of water that is slightly smaller than an ocean. To make matters confusing, the word sea is used many times in referring to oceans. Also several seas such as the Caspian Sea are really lakes!

A sound is a narrow body of water separating an island from the mainland.

A strait is a narrow body of water between two large bodies of water. The Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia is a good example.

A gulf is a part of an ocean extending into the land. The Gulf of Mexico, a part of the Atlantic Ocean by the southern United States and Mexico is an example.

A bay is a part of an ocean or lake extending into the land. It is similar to a gulf but usually smaller.

A cove is a small sheltered inlet or small bay

A waterfall or falls is the steep descent or falling of the water of a river or stream.

A dam is a barrier that holds water back and sometimes forms lakes.


A Bay
Bay image


Niagara Falls

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