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When you are finished, take the Islands Quiz.

Islands are bodies of land completely surrounded by water. There is even a continent that is an island, Australia.

Islands are formed in several ways. Many islands are really places where volcanoes built up under the ocean to the point of peaking above the water. The lava continues to pile up as the volcano explodes to the point that there is enough solid ground to form an island.

Some islands such as Great Britain were attached to a continent but was separated by erosion of the land between the two land masses.

Other islands are coral islands. These are formed when the skeletal material of corals piles up over years and years.

There are two types of islands - continental and oceanic. Continental islands have plant and animal structures like the continent near the island. Oceanic islands have their own plant and animal structure.

A large chain of islands close to each other with the same plant and animal structure is called an archipelago.

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