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One way to find the exact location of a place is to use a grid. A grid generally resembles graph paper with lines going horizontally and vertically forming little boxes. The row going across and the column going down generally contain letters and or numbers. These help to locate or pinpoint where a place is located.

On a map or globe, these horizontal and vertical lines are called latitude and longitude lines. The lines of latitude are numbered from 0 to 90 and are either north or south, depending if they are north or south of the equator. The lines of longitude are numbered 0 to 180 and are either east or west, depending how far they are from the prime meridian.

Below is a very simple map grid of Junk Food Island. Notice that the first row going across has letters and the first column going down has numbers to help tell where the various cities are located on Junk Food Island. Thus the city of is in B1 or Column 1, Row B.


grid map of an island


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