1. Hillary Clinton or Sir Edmund Hillary?
Hillary Clinton
Sir Edmund Hillary

2. Ryan Adams or Bryan Adams?
Ryan Adams
Bryan Adams


3. Microsoft or Apple?


4. Sopranos or Curb Your Enthusiasm?
Curb Your Enthusiasm


5. Mountain Cabin or Beach House?
Mountain Cabin
Beach House


6. Hot Dogs on the grill or Filet Mignon?
Hot Dogs on the grill
Filet Mignon


7. Neiman Marcus or T.J. Maxx?
Neiman Marcus
T.J. Maxx


8. The Mayor of Munchkinland or the Coroner of Munchkinland?
Mayor of Munchkinland
Coroner of Munchkinland


9. C-Span or Nick at Nite?
Nick at Nite


10. Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush?
Ronald Reagan
George W. Bush
is your score!