Can you thrust and parry with liberal media pundits and their bleating bovines regurgitating conflated opinions from way behind the curve?

Not sure?

Have no fear. The Complete Laura Lexicon of Liberal Labels for Conservative Cognoscenti is your arsenal of rapid response ripostes guaranteed to leave any loopy liberal scratching his/her scruffy head in amazement. Compiled as a supplemental study guide to the required listening habit you must acquire to be a true master of the game, "The Laura Ingraham Show".

Study the vocabulary list below. When you think you are prepared, try the Laura Lexicon online quiz to ascertain your readiness to take on the whole Left Coast!

The Complete Laura Lexicon of Liberal labels for Conservative Cognoscenti Quiz


Chia Pet
Out of touch, pate challenged senator who disses war on terror. Cerebral cortex rumored to be oozing through plugs.
Grand dame, doyen of Mesozoic journalism characterized by carbon dated issues raised in shrieking queries reminiscent of her raptor ancestry..
See Margaret Hamilton in "The Wizard of Oz."
Garden Gnome
Sneaky, wheezy guerilla attacker disguised by a thin patina of folksy geniality and bipartisan bonhommie..
Syn.: Hollings
Gray Skies Gray Skies Picture:
No Gray Matter to Speak of
Libs Reignmakers elect a rainmaker - precipitating deluge of tax and spending, job and resident exodus, citizen revolt.
With friends like Bubba...
Gridlock Tom
Monotonal, monochromatic, monotonous cipher of obfuscation and obstruction who sings new tunes with the same old lyrics.
Syn. Bush whacker, Chia Pet
Hair in the Can



Vapid air brushed, lightweight co-host of chatty morning news show - popularizer of softball/suck up lob style of journalism.
Syn.: Larry the Lizard

Johnny Walker Red
Poster person of morally relativistic Left Coast anti-Americanism. Characterized by studied, faux Taliban wannabe mien quickly abandoned when confronted by real warriors and consequences of one's actions for the first time in one's life.

Constantly evolving melange of interchangeable, vanilla non-headliners or legends.

Must see Musty NBC to be believed.

Self-absorbed, busybody chanteuse who has proboscis into matters way out of her vocal and intellectual range. Time to really retire."People, we don't need these people..."

Dastardly, delusional multimillionaire megalomaniac masquerading as messianic messenger go-between hundreds of heavenly virgins and psychopathic minions - best OBLiterated.



Self-proclaimed victim of vast right-wing conspiracies fronted by secretly deputized big haired bimbos who regularly and viciously entrap him.
Syn.: McAuliffe, Skilling
Ant: "Promise Keeper"

Recent memoir bestseller in fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, lists.. Virtual senator from NY via Arkansas via Illinois who legislates for state from whatever fundraiser or self positioning event attending.