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Dividing Fractions


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Dividing fractions is similar to multiplying fractions. One does not have to have a common or same denominator as in addition and subtraction of fractions. There are some special rules.

Below is a simple example of dividing two fractions.

One half divided by one fourth animation


To divide one half divided by one fourth,



One must get the reciprocal of one fourth which is four over one and then multiply.


When one half is divided into fourths there are two fourths.

When dividing mixed numbers, one must convert the mixed numbers to improper fractions. One must get the reciprocal of the second number before multiplying. One can use cross cancellation with division of fractions as well as multiplication. In this case, one could cross cancel the denominator of three halves with the numerator of the reciprocal of one fourth, four ones.

One and one half equals three halves animation

One and one half must be changed to a mixed number, three halves before dividing by

One fourth which one must get the reciprocal of, four ones, before multiplying.

There are six fourths in one and one half.

Dividing Fractions Videos

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