Adding Tenths


As mentioned on the Adding Decimals main page, it is important when adding tenths or whole numbers with tenths to line up the numbers by place value.

Here is a simple addition of decimals problem illustrated:

2 Tenths animation


Two Tenths +

3 tenths animation


Three Tenth =

5 tenths animation


Five Tenths

When adding a decimal number that also has a whole number or a decimal and whole number, it is very important to line the numbers up by place value with the decimal. When adding whole numbers and decimals, it is sometimes easier to convert the whole number to a decimal to avoid getting the numbers in the wrong place value column. It is also valuable to put a zero in the whole number place for the decimal number to also help in lining the numbers up correctly.

Notice that when the answer is a whole number and decimal, the answer is read "one and five tenths" with and representing the decimal point.


One Whole or One and Zero Tenths +


Two Tenths +


Three Tenths =


One and Five Tenths


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