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This website is filled with quizzes on facts that are good for kids to know. Perhaps you have taken "mad minute:" quizzes before. This site allows you to take them online.

Simply click on the link to the quiz you would like to try. All the quizzes are two minutes or less, depending on the number of questions. The time begins as soon as the page loads. You should do the quiz as quickly as you can. A popup message will tell you when time is expired. Press the Enter or Return key and your score will appear in the box at the bottom of the quiz. The time for each quiz varies according to the number of questions with about 10 seconds allowed for each question.

With the Mad Times quizzes, be sure to press the Submit button after entering the answer in the text box to see if youare correct.

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United States State Capitals

New England States - Middle Atlantic States - Southeastern States - Midwest States - Great Plains States - Southwestern States - Far West States

Canadian Provincial Capitals

Canadian Provincial Capitals

South American Capitals

South American Capitals

European Capitals

Western European Capitals Northern European Capitals Southeastern Europe Eastern European Capitals


Asian Capitals

Southwest Asian Capitals Southeast Asian Capitals Central Asian Capitals Far Eastern Asian Capitals

African Capitals

North African Capitals East African Capitals South African Capitals West Central African Capitals West African Capitals II

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