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How to Help Persons Who Are Blind


You may wonder how and if you should help people who are blind. They are like any other people - sometimes they like help and sometimes they like to do it themselves.

The best solution is to calmly and politely ask a blind person if he or she would like help. It is important to listen as, for example, the person tells you how to help cross the road. There are certain ways of doing things that make it easier for a person who blind which usually that person will tell you.

Another important thing to remember is to not try to play with or disturb the guide dog of a person who is blind. The guide dog is a working dog, helping the person get about safely and efficiently. It is important that the dog is not disturbed while doing this important work.

Still another practice is to put items back exactly where the blind person has put them. Blind people depend on organization and knowing where things are.

Finally, the best way you can help a person who is blind is to remember that he/she is a person just like you with thoughts and feelings. It is important to be sure that person is included in the fun as you would want to be.

You have shown by visiting this site that you could be a good friend to a person who is blind as you have cared enough to learn about blindness.

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