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How Do People Who Are Blind Do Chores?


There are many different ways to get the job done and people who are blind learn these ways. Here are some examples:

To communicate:

People who are blind use computers, phones and other electronic devices. Special text to speech software is installed on many of these devices so that information is read aloud to the person who is blind. In addition, there are also reading materials in large print for those who have some sight and Braille for those who have less sight. Audio books that are available for blind and sighted people alike are also frequently used by people who are blind.

To tell time:

People who are blind use talking watches or watches with Braille markings on them. They also use talking scales that tell them how much they weigh. There are also phones with Braille markings or that tell which keys the user has punched as well as phones with large keys. There are even smartphones that talk so people who are blind can do texting, send e-mails and make calls.

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To fill a glass without spilling:

People who are blind can use a small device with a battery and two wire probes that sits on the lip of a glass or cup. When the liquid gets within an inch or so of the top, a little buzzer goes off, letting the person know that the glass is almost full.

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To cook in the kitchen and wash and dry clothes:

People who are blind label the appliances and utensils either in Braille or with large print labels. They use recipes printed in Braille and can have specially labeled spice racks.

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To organize clothes:

People who are blind put shoes in specially labeled boxes. They can sometimes tell by feel an item of clothing or use pins on the inside of a pair of pants or blouse to tell colors. They bundle socks together in the wash to keep them together. There is even a special app called Color ID that allows peoole who are blid to use a smartphone with a camera to point the camera at a piece of clothing and have the camera read the color to them.



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