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Phylum Echinoderm


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Starfish belong to a group or phylum of animals called echinoderms. This means "spiny skinned" in Greek. Echinoderms live in salt water only. They sgenerally have five arms and dwell at the bottom of oceans' levels. There are around 6000 species of echinoderms. The starfish, sea urchin, sea cucumber and sand dollar are some good examples.

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System Type
Echinoderm System
Muscular-Skeletal A Echinoderm has an inner skeleton. It travels by means of many tube feet.
Digestion A Echinoderm has a mouth and stomach area. Some have a mouth on the bottom and an anus on the top.Starfish can actually turn their stomachs outside of their body and insert it into its prey's such as a clam. Echinoderms have a relatively big gut area.
Nervous A Echinoderm has eyespots which can detect light. Their eyespots are not as sharp as human eyes. It generally has a poorly developed nervous system.
Circulation A Echinoderm has water pumped through its body as part of its very simple circulation system.
Respiration A Echinoderm uses some of the bumps or spines on its surface to take in oxygen. It has a gill structure to take in the oxygen. It has a poorly developed respiratory system.
Reproduction A Echinoderm is a male or female. The males and females discharge their eggs and sperm into the water where they are fertilized. A female can release one hundred million eggs at once. If a piece of certain echinoderms is chopped off, a new piece or even a new echinoderm can regrow.
Excretion A Echinoderm has a simple excretory system.
Symmetry A Echinoderm has radial symmetry.
Appearance A Echinoderm has five arms and spines or bumps all over its body. The spines are protective and also help with respiration.


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