Mollusks Quiz

Click on the radio button in front of the correct answer:

1. The type of shellfish that lives in two shells connected by a muscular hinge, also called bivalves.

Hatchet - Footed Belly - Footed Head - Footed

2. This type of shellfish consists of one shell that it carries on its back.

Hatchet - Footed Belly - Footed Head - Footed

3. These shell fish have a definite head surrounded by tentacles.

Hatchet - Footed Belly - Footed Head - Footed

4. Mollusks reproduce by

Fission Budding Sexually

5. All shellfish or mollusks live in the sea.

True False

6. The tubes that bring water into the mollusks are called

Veins Siphons Arteries

7. Shellfish or mollusks are in the same phylum as regular fish.

True False





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