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There is a huge size range for lizards from tiny skinks to Komodo dragons that are up to 5 meters long. Lizards generally live in the tropical zone where it is very warm.

Lizards differ from snakes in that they have four feet and can move quite quickly.

One well known snake is the chameleon. Its tail is one and one half the size of its body, which is around two inches. It changes its color constantly.

The Gila monster is a poisonous lizard and lives in the American Southwest. It is several feet long and has brown or black skin with colored splotches. It has poisonous glands in its jaw which can kill a man when the Gila monster gives a hard bite.

The horned toad is really a lizard, despite its name. It is found in the western United States. It has scales of different lengths and some of them have live birth of their babies versus laying eggs as most reptiles do.

The iguana is a lizard of the tropics. It resembles a tiny dragon.

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