Insects Quiz

Click on the radio button in front of the correct answer:

1. The arthropod group is the first animal group to have

Jointed legs Bilateral symmetry Body segments

2. Insects are the largest animal group in numbers.

True False

3. Insects have the largest range in sizes in the animal kingdom.

True False

4. Most insects live on land

True False

5.Insects have an inner skeleton

True False

6. The series of stages an insect goes through as it changes from an egg to an adult insect is called

Chitin Metamorphosis Molting

7. Insects have this many legs

4 6 8

8. The three basic body parts of an insect are:

Head, wings, legs

Head, abdomen, wings

Head, thorax, abdomen

9. Which is the these stages is not a part of complete metamorphosis?

Egg Nymph Adult



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