Animal Classification Quiz

Click on the radio button in front of the correct answer.

1. The classification of animals is called

Biology Zoology Taxonomy

2. The basic unit of an animal is a

Cell Tissue Organ

3. The center of the cell is called the

Cytoplasm Nucleus Cell Membrane

4. The area outside the nucleus of a cell is calledthe

Cytoplasm Taxonomy Zoology

5. A group of the same kind of cells is called a

Nucleus Cytoplasm Tissue

6. A group of the same kind of tissues that perform a job in the animal's body is called

Nucleus Organ Cytoplasm

7. The largest groupings in the animal kingdom are called

Phyla Species Classes

8. Which of these is NOT a factor in how animals are grouped?

Whether they are one or many celled

How their bodily systems differ

How many animals are in the species


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